So I know I’m late with this review but I want to say that BVS was very interesting as a movie I couldn’t leave alone in my head. After seeing Civil War this weekend I know that it is possible to have a good large cast super hero movie and my faith is renewed that we may still get better stand alone movies than this muddy bore. I started reading Wonder Woman because my dad read it and when you run out of your titles and you want more then you read what your dad reads. I’m not impressed by the always “hardcore” wonder woman I’ve seen in this and animated versions. This country needs a hero that isn’t afraid to be fighting for peace in the end and that’s why I love this character- in my version of this movie she would have broken up this silly fight that Batman would explain was all due to his love for Superman and his hatred for himself- he is after all madly in love with Clark after his own Robin died. I mean riight?bvs1