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So I saw Captain America: Civil War. I was very excited to start off the summer and this movie does not disappoint. It is a strange thing that the closer we get to movies being comic books the less I judge them as good movies and the more I Feel they are a good comic. In this case I’m just happy to see these characters being portrayed so loyally and when I get the money I’ll actually read Civil War 1 start to finish. Basically I was only questioning the need to have Cap have a love interest at all so making it an issue was kind of weird and forced? Yes- very. This was better as a testament to The love of Bucky and Peggy god bless her soul. Captain A is good as our King Arthur. We all need a good figure to get behind and his nobility sets him apart. A guiding light Berning our way and  showing us that we must take our individuality and personal conscience hand in hand if we want to even begin to resemble the spirit of Captain America. Tell Stark to shove his super hero registration right up his arse!