I would like to talk about this famous line as I feel like there is a difficulty in “trying” that is created by our need to want to do something with our lives. I think what we need to “do” is really discuss what is the most important thing affecting our lives every day. So this is a reminder to myself and all the world that we are able to effect real change by doing but also by trying. The trying is the “weeds” that writers talk about getting lost in. If you can’t think of what to write or create it’s because you are lost. That same trying is also work but there has to be motivation and clarity to make sure that you are also doing.

I find that when I begin my creative process I am tricked by my brain into not changing because.. well I’m not sure. I guess there could be a subconscious fear of succeeding but I also fear I’m just lazy and not putting enough effort in but that’s not always fair. All of that is some sort of insecurity but it’s based on whatever I’ve lived before so it has some validity. I’m only human after all and we all love our systems and repetition. I just need to find the motivation and clarity to say no to my brain when it wants to make something I “need” happen and thereby I can create some change. Could this be applied to politics? We may never know..

I thought- why don’t I just write this down. I’ve been trying to do morning pages forever. Granted I’m not sure I want to write things down all the time on this blog but I will if I find worth in the things I’m considering. So if you are running into the notion that you have too much on your plate it’s because you do. Do your best to cut some things down and clear out the “weeds” and maybe you will have more to think about and can come back to the issue that is most important for you and you will have that automatic satisfaction of “doing”. Peace, kindness, and love- Hugh.