In case you were unaware, Two-Spirit Deal was my first self-published book where I attempted to create an LGBT themed supernatural horror story. My fictional version of the rainbow warriors- The Kwarmyn, had fantastic abilities to heal and affect social change through teaching, compassion and a magical control over nature. The bad guys were extra-dimensional demons disguised as the uber-wealthy, bigots and evangelists.

Announcing: Two Spirit Deal is over- So Fake it’s Real #1 coming soon.

My apologies for Two Spirit Deal. I had no idea what I was writing at the time really. I am not a Native American. I was using fakelore that I had gleamed from interpretation. Specifically the notion of the “rainbow warriors” – a prophecy I fell for – thinking that it was truly Hopi or Cree but the more I write the more I realize how very important it is to get the correct information!! The actual origin of the alleged prophecy is a 1962 book titled Warriors of the Rainbow by William Willoya and Vinson Brown. The book was in fact an evangelical Christian tract that aimed at the conversion of Native Americans to Christianity. We have a lot of false information hitting us these days and we automatically choose the easy road when it comes to education. This new comic is my promise to you the reader to research the hell out of my subject matter so that I may present it to you as an honest fiction that is accurate and doesn’t promote falsehoods. To be honest I still believe in the concept of rainbow warriors being cool but it was really about a version of faith subverting culture. I plan to make a book that reinterprets myth and history but I’ll be doing so having researched the myth or historical account and it’s origins.