Not because of the mud or the increasing desire to go out and do something with my day. Not to be cold looking for the first flowers or realize how much the winter has left a bunch of stuff to clean. Not because of taxes and the unrelenting need to stick to a budget. No I hate the spring because for the past 4 years I’ve developed some sort of allergy hell that apparently doesn’t have much to do with pollen but just the arrival of seasons. Fall is also bad. I do hope to get more posts of The Medievals out more regularly. So far it’s been tough to get them done monthly. I’m also still continuing Lightning Duck which has become a multiple year thing. There is no learning tool like a horribly unrealized self-imposed deadline so please accept the apology that a hughman being is full of faults and he is trying to work on them. Also I’m trying to warm up my digital talents by participating in Daily Spitpaint workgroup on FB. You can see my attempts at my tumblr:

gears copy