Hey all faithful Better Comix readers. I’m on a hardline to bring some substance and awesomeness to this page in the coming year. The Medievals: Prelude is going to continue and get heavy and crazy and weird. That’s a promise! Thanks for looking at my work – feel free to send me the hates and the loves because I’m open to the editing. I’m an artist and I don’t get to eat so please send me the critique to munch on. Again. Check hear and at lightningduck.com for biweekly webcomix. Lightning duck will be getting new comics in the coming year starting with Lightning Duck #4. It takes me a while to write these but my aim is to have issues 5 and 6 also out this year. Now if I could only afford some nice conventions to meet all you fine people! Check out my Instagram and Tumblr to see how my week’s turned out and follow us on Facebook.