Good morning, I have taken it under advisement that one good way to increase traffic to a website is to make it into a blog. I would like to be able to make daily posting a more deliberate action in my life so here I am. I might as well share what it feels like to get your webcomic done. It’s hard. Week after week I have the intention of making my comics and I get into the studio and work on something and that’s good. It just seems that whatever I work on is without consequence or a shot in the dark. I have been trying to post on Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter in hopes that like going to a comic convention and having my portfolio reviewed — I would fulfill my dream of meeting the right person and landing the right job and finding my way into the comic community. It would seem that in today’s day and age you are your comic community and your comic community is the amount of time you devote to finding an audience. If nothing else, starting the blog is going to give me a sense of routine and I find that highly encouraging given the fact that as an artist and human being I typically put doing what I want to do last. No more. You and me blog- let’s see how hard it is to check in and get work done. For updates I have a script on Lightning Duck #4 and have to have a final edit completed before I start. On the web comic front- you can expect a new Medievals by the end of the day today. Have a great day, thank you for reading this and know that your dreams can come true because you can choose to put your dream into action, and then you can sculpt and edit and sculpt and edit and one day you will have a new dream built of all your old ones.